Best Used As New iPhones In Durban

South Africa already has the largest seller of used phones in excellent states in the area, its name is Gorilla Phones.

Gorilla Phones distributes used equipment that undergoes a strict cleaning, testing, erasing, and factory restoration system so that you can enjoy the best cell phones on the market with the most accessible prices and the highest quality levels.

Gorilla Phones has the largest range of factory locked and unlocked phones, special emphasis is placed on this factor concerning iPhone phones, being able to have complete confidence that your cell phone is unlocked and no update to your operating system will return it to block.

Gorilla Phones has the most qualified personnel to give you the necessary advice about the benefits of the available equipment so that you can buy the one that best suits your needs.

All the telephone equipment offered by Gorilla Phones is tested by specialized technicians to certify its operation and cleanliness. Gorilla Phones provides you with a return system that includes 14 days if you change your mind about the phone, extendable to 30 days if it is found that it has a deficiency that has nothing to do with the use given.

The cell phones offered by Gorilla Phones are certified grade A, unlocked, 100% functional, without any sign of having been used. Likewise, they come in their sealed boxes, with all their accessories and with a 6-month warranty period.

1.2. iPhone range available from Gorilla Phones

At Gorilla Phones you can find the latest iPhones for your purchase and enjoyment, such as the iPhone 6, a compact terminal, weighing 129 g, with a 4.7-inch screen, with anti-scratch glass, operating system 8, upgradeable to iOS 11, chip A8, 1Gb of RAM and internal storage from 16Gb, 8mp main camera, and 1.2mp front camera, battery with autonomy for one day.

But they also have the iPhone 7 and 7 plus family that share characteristics such as water resistance, made of aluminum, 4.7-inch retina screen, the weight of 138g. Version 10 operating system, quad-core A10 chip, being twice as fast as its predecessor, has a storage capacity of 32 to 256Gb, 12mp main camera, and 7mp front camera.

But since customers always want more, Gorilla Phones also has the iPhone 8, glass design on the back, a thickness of 7.3mm, and a weight of 148g. 4.7-inch, 16: 9 screen with an excellent image. Operating system version 11, continuously updated, A11 processor, 3Gb of RAM, 64Gb for internal storage. 12mp and 7mp rear and front cameras, respectively.

And so you don't get left behind if you want to have the latest product on the market, at Gorilla Phones you can also find the iPhone SE with a 4-inch screen, retina, with oleo phobic protection. iOS 9.3, with the option to updates. Dual-core A9 processor, higher speed and performance, 12mp main camera, and 1.2mp front camera. Battery life capacity of 240h in standby, in conversation 14h.

Once your purchase is complete, you can enjoy your delivery system to the city of Durban. It is important to note that shipments can take 2 to 3 days and are only made on business days.