Apple iphone SE Price South Africa

If you are looking for a mobile device that has beautiful, attractive features, the Iphone SE is an option that you cannot miss. The Apple Iphone brand is known worldwide because it provides high-security phones and, above all, quality. As you should know, Apple has an extensive line of catalogs with positive characteristics in each presentation.

The North American brand has long been ranked as the best line of high-end phones on the market. The Apple Iphone SE Price South Africa varies according to the virtual store where you decide to make your purchase and the guarantee they offer. For many years having an Apple is a way to show the world that you have a good social status.

There is no denying that Apple's technology is ahead of storage, photography, and other important features. It is not only about presenting Apple as with marketing strategies, because the brand for its quality sells itself. IPhone SE is the most affordable presentation you can buy in this 2020 if you want to have great cellular equipment.

Many people compare the Apple Iphone X to the prices of the Apple IPhone SE Price South Africa to find out which one is better. The iPhone SE incorporates the Apple A9 system to chip within its characteristics to have a better speed. With a 4.7-inch Retina Display in high definition, you can enjoy your cell phone without any limitations.

GORILLA PHONES is a page of telephone sales of the best qualities and good market prices. On this page, you can find APPLE IPHONES and other brands that are known throughout the world for their excellent qualities. Without further ado, you better know the main features of IPhone SE that will make you want to buy it today.

Features of IPhone SE

 The essential characteristics that Iphone has are the following:

  • Design

Its design is innovative; presenting dimensions of width 58.6 millimeters and height 123.8 millimeters, having a weight of 133 grams. You can see that it is a fairly light model that you can take advantage of to carry a single price at GORILLA PHONES.

  • Screen.

Its screen is 4.7 inches retina giving a resolution of 1136x640 so you can see everything in high definition. The pixel density is 326 dpi, and its oleophobic coating characteristics make it of superior quality.

  • Software

The operating system like that of all the iPhones is from IOS, having a fingerprint sensor to unlock.

  • Hardware

The processor of IPhone SE is similar to that of A9 having two cores and a speed of 1.84 Mhz. The ram is two Gb and has 64 GB internal storage.

  • Camera.

The camera resolution is 12+ 7 megapixels having a dual-tone flash for better shots. The videos are made in high definition, and it has several views that you can choose according to your tastes.


There are other important features of the 1624 mAh battery having a long-range. Enjoy 14 hours of conversation without having to recharge your battery. You must already be convinced why buying an iPhone SE now you only have to find a good price.

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