Certified Pre-Owned iPhone X

At present, the sale of used high-end equipment with manufacturer certifications is moving with great ease. The used iPhone x has the same qualities as one that is bought new because its certification guarantees it for its commercialization. The only difference between a refurbished computer and a new one is the marketing price being one lower than the other.

For you to know the system qualities of the IPhone x, it will be necessary to divide them between hardware and software qualities. The physics are all the high-quality spare parts with which the iPhone X is made to function. When it comes to Software features, the emphasis is mainly placed on the operating system that supports the iPhone x.

  • Physical Qualities (Hardware) of the IPhone X

The qualities of the IPhone x can be quite similar to those found in phones like the Iphone 6 with some differences. The capacity that the IPhone x has in its camera puts it to compete with any other cell phone of a different brand. The most coveted physical characteristics of the IPhone x are:

It is made of retina material that makes it strong and resistant to unexpected falls of daily use. Its OLED design makes it 5.8 inches in size so you can view large-scale photos. Their dimension in terms of Resolution is 2,436 by 1,125 pixels at 458 p / p.

The design of the IPhone X is curved, making the screen look with rounded corners.

The camera preserves the essence of the Iphone 6S by presenting 12 megapixels in its photos and videos, being of great quality. It contains both wide-angle shots and those of lenses giving you photographs with excellent clarity. The optical stabilization is double so that you do not have problems with taking fast quality photographs.

As for the front camera of the team, do not worry because it offers 7 megapixels in its photographs.

  • Telephone connector buttons.

The ability of the buttons that the IPhone x comes with cannot be ignored. Contains volume up and down buttons, buttons to mute, or give sound. It has a microphone and speaker integrated into the cell phone, which makes it perfect for calls.

Iphones generally have good built-in batteries so that the phone can withstand everyday use. It has 21 hours of a continuous conversation with which you can do whatever you want. Fast charging of 50% battery takes just half an hour to complete.

  • System Features (Software) of the IPhone X.

The operating system with which IPhone x was launched is iOS 11, having great quality and intelligent design. People with abilities and with little neurological capacity can use this equipment because it was designed for everyone. Within the phone, applications come all the ones you need to work perfectly

The built-in indispensable functions are camera, messages, contacts, calculator, photos, face time, mail, music, maps, and others. In addition to the custom functions, you can integrate many more of your preference.

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