Cheap Iphones South Africa

You don't need to raise a lot of money or have to make a great sacrifice and adjustments in your economy to be able to acquire an excellent renewed iphone, with all the characteristics of the most advanced communication equipment that exists today. If you are more conservative and prefer less complicated equipment, you also have an alternative that Gorilla Phone S A offers you.

This innovative company is located in South Africa and is the undisputed pioneer in the field of selling second-hand iPhones, but in perfect working order, and very cheap. This new method has helped many people to access these devices and enter the new technological era of telecommunications.

It is a great advance to modernize the population, offering a quality service and cheaper than those found in stores and shops. Despite being devices that have been used by other users, they have the same characteristics as those bought in any commercial establishment.

The company has as its premise the fact that all telephone equipment is subjected to a strict process of unlocking, cleaning, and restoration. For this, surgical methods and careful reviews by the technicians are used, achieving an incomparable result with phones that are like new.

It has a complete line of exclusive equipment from Apple and Samsung, with the latest models and highly updated versions of IOS. They also specialize in old and not so modern equipment, to please all audiences. Simply, the order is received and the customer service staff strives to locate the requested phone number.

The professionals who work in the company have extensive experience in the industry and are trained to perform quality work, conducting tests to ensure that the devices are in optimal operating condition for sale.

For this reason, the clientele is satisfied and confirmed by the positive comments and trust placed in the company that has led it to success and to occupy the first place in the distribution of renewed  cheap iphones south africa.

The phones are delivered in the original box, without any damage, with Grade A certificates and a 6-month warranty, confirming that they are operational, have not been used, and are ready for the customer to use.

The iphones 7, 7+, 8, SE X and Samsung Galaxy A3 models come with a 4.7-inch and 5.8-inch LCD or HD display, fingerprint sensors, a 12 MP front and rear camera; 16GB, 32GB, 64GB, 128GB, 256GB; chip A9 and A10 with 64 bits; Quad Core 1.5 GHz Cortex A53, wireless charging, headphones and chargers. Also, they have a wide range of colors such as gray, silver, pink, gold, black, red, gold, light blue or white, depending on the model to choose.

Prices are very cheap for all budgets. The purchase and delivery are made online through, dialing the phone number +27679949885 or at the headquarters located at 48 Waterbrok Street, Pretoria West, Guetang, 0183, South Africa. If you have any questions write to the email

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