CPO Iphone 6 Plus

Everyone has different needs and requires phones that give them a better chance of being connected simply and effectively. All these qualities and much more are offered by the restored iphone distributor Gorilla Phones S A in South Africa.

They are the biggest providers of second-hand mobiles at a very low price, with unbeatable quality. These factors have been decisive for the expansion of the company, as well as the excellent conditions of the equipment, the human talent that provides services, and the wide diversity of models to choose from.

Another aspect that has driven them is the high degree of satisfaction of customers who come into contact with the company, entering gorillaphones.co.za, seeking advice to buy a mobile that meets their expectations. This can be verified by reading the opinions and testimonials of grateful users.

The staff that provides services is well trained; they are passionate about their work and have a high sense of responsibility. Therefore, the level of reliability of the buyers is one of the reasons that have influenced the growth of the company.

They take great care to check the phones that arrive daily at the workshops and make sure they look as good as new, even though they are being restored. The procedure consists of removing blocks and releasing them so that they can be used with other telephone operators.

They also perform a deep cleaning of the internal circuits with a special agent to restore the factory settings. On the other hand, the software is updated so that new versions can be installed.

These qualities are present in the cpo iphone 6 plus series, making it the best-selling model. This line of mobiles offers more storage, as it has an A9 chip with a large RAM and cache with a 64-bit structure for wonderful results.

In this sense, it is possible to include memories in the device to continue increasing the capacity to 16 GB, 32 GB, 64 GB, 128 GB additional. The capture of images is done masterfully with the iSight camera with an excellent resolution of 12 MP, which can be seen with maximum perfection on the 4.7-inch HD screen.

This iphone model comes in striking colors such as gold, silver, pink gold, and space gray, which make it even more exuberant. The exterior and interior design provides the user with the ideal solution he was looking for.

Also, the company has the iphone 7, 7+, 8, X, SE, Samsung Galaxy A3 and in case the customer requests another model, either old or more advanced, the service staff is committed to locate and renew it.

At the time of sale, the devices come with accessories such as headphones and charger. Also included are the certifications that ensure the perfect condition and conditions of use, confirming that the devices have not been opened, so they come sealed and in the original box.

For more details, check the information online, to see the characteristics of each of the mobiles. You can also find out more about the company and the procedures it uses to make deliveries, returns, and purchases by reading the internal regulations.

You will not regret it, because we have the most modern technology and the most attractive devices. Besides, they have no signs of having been tampered with and come with a guarantee.