iPhone 7 Price South Africa Used

The dream of many has come true by having available, thanks to advanced technology, smartphones capable of performing computer functions. Equipped with an operating system and touch screen, they allow you to connect to the Internet, install applications, and perform many of the operations that are normally carried out on a computer.

As a well-known company in South Africa, Gorilla phones, leaders in the supply of used mobile phones, from the most famous manufacturers and with the largest number of phones in the country are introduced. It offers you past phone models as well as newer ones, with great quality guaranteed and prices at your fingertips. For the iPhone 7 price South Africa istore, it has the best price you can find, R 5,000.

At Gorilla phones, all units have a second-hand certificate, and, following high quality control standards, they are analyzed to ensure perfect operation. Phones undergo wipe, factory reset, and clean before selling. Items are renewed and returned with their seal to their original packaging. Completely free postage is one of the advantages that it offers for all items, and that save you from risks and, also, if you change your mind, you have 14 days to return it or, if a fault occurs, you have 30 days to return it.

With Gorilla phones, you have to choose any of the Apple iPhones and find them with lock and without a lock, with the full release. Those who make up the technical group have a long experience of 20 years in the field and a professional personal customer service that carefully advises you. All units are granted a 6-month warranty and include accessories such as chargers and headphones.

Gorilla phones have at its availability the iphone 7 price South Africa used at an offer price of R 5,000 and with details that are surely attractive:

  • It has a new A10 Fusion chip that is 40% faster, perfect hemisphere edges from glass to the back, its home button is touch-sensitive, waterproof, and has stereo speakers. Scratch-resistant oleophobic surface and Touch ID fingerprint sensor. In performance, it is very fluid and fast, thanks to 2GB of RAM. 12 M camera significantly improved. It comes in red, jet black, black, gold, silver and rose gold colors and with GB of 32 and 228,
  • The IPhone 7 price South Africa used that you can get from Gorilla phones at R 5,000 also has a shockproof ion-x screen, with a maximum brightness of 625 nits satisfactory in all situations even in the sun, greater color support thanks to the new range of colors Wide Color P3. It has high tactile sensitivity and good viewing angles.
  • Some of the newest improvements in the iphone 7 price south Africa used that Gorilla phones can get at R 5,000, are the wake-up, that is, the screen turns on when incorporating the iPhone without having to press a button allowing viewing notifications and access to the camera and widgets. The Control Center has two screens for shortcuts and the player.

At Gorilla phones, you are sure to buy a quality product at unbeatable prices.