iPhone Certified Accessories

IPhones accessories are all those that are part of your cell phone in an external way complementing the use. A charger, for example, is a very important accessory because it keeps your cell phone with its battery charged for your use. In the same way, the manuals that come inside the box of your phone are part of its accessories.

The current market offers you several non-original accessories of the iPhone brand at a much lower price. You should not be fooled by a lower value when it comes to accessories for your iPhone brand cell phone. A non-original charger will force the battery of your phone, causing it to damage before the time estimated by the company.

For Gorilla Phones, all Apple cell phones must have original accessories to extend their useful life. The charger of an IPhone is made up of the cable plus the connector, and together, they charge the cell phone in a set time. When the cable is not original, it does not fit well in the connector, and this produces a force when charging.

All accessories comply with a performance established by the company that determines that together with the cell phone, they make a good team. The certification of Apple accessories is known as MFi, allowing you to identify those accessories that are not suitable for your iPhone. MFi means that they are made for the iPhone and are qualified with different tests from the creator company before they are sold

A good accessory ensures performance; the specifications of the phones sold, the safety of the equipment, and prevent equipment failures. IPhones using original accessories will have no problem with USB data transfers, charging, and operating speed. When the phone updates the iOS operating system, the accessories must be original, avoiding later failures.

Common Problems Associated with Non-Original Accessories for IPhone.

Common problems are:

  • Cell battery swelling
  • interference in communications when using non-original headphones
  • Phone battery explosion
  • Low durability of accessories
  • Slow cell phone charging
  • Equipment speed with interference
  • Damage to the casing by forcing the charging accessories
  • Excessive voltage for cell phone charging

Each of the problems described has consequences for the cell phone, causing it to damage faster than standard. Other more serious problems occur with the use of accessories that are not original, which are:

- Accessories that are not original have a high percentage of being damaged in less time than original ones.

- In some cases, the IPhone equipment when determining that the accessory does not meet the required standards does not synchronize the charge

- The Iphone 6, for example, tends to have problems with the stability of the iOS when original accessories are not used

- When original accessories are not used, the end of the telephone connector is at risk of detachment due to heating.

Several accidents have already been reported worldwide due to the use of Iphone 6S devices and other generations due to bad accessories. Prevent your cell phone from exploding or its battery exploding by buying only accessories certified by the brand. In Gorilla phones, you will find only phones with accessories certified by the Apple company.