The reconditioned iPhone 7 from the company Gorilla Phones for all Mthatha

Are you located in Mthatha and looking for a new mobile device? Tired of you asking for different prices of iPhones and all of them are very expensive? Well, here at, we have the solution to your problem. This company specializes in reconditioning mobile phones of all kinds, from the oldest to the newest, and making them fully functional as if they were packaged.

You will not see any difference between a new iPhone to one reconditioned by the great specialized team of this company; aesthetically, they are the same and functionally the same. The only thing that changes is the price that compared to those that come new from the Apple Company, these are much cheaper. Also, they come with new and original parts that replace the previous ones. It is a great investment opportunity without spending so much money.

If you are interested in acquiring an iPhone 7, we will tell you that gives you the great advantage that the device comes with all the same parts, call it: screen, battery, and housing. The only thing that is replaced is those parts that are a little worn. Also, the best part is that they are already subjected to exhaustive reviews at the company's remanufacturing centers, so it is double-checked for a greater quality guarantee.

The phone will be in such perfect condition that you wonder if it has been used before. They are identical to the iPhones that come out of the box and come with the same original parts. You need to be encouraged to be part of this great family such as and opt for a better economy for your pocket.

What does the iPhone 7 reconditioned by carry?

As we mentioned before, all the phones that have been reconditioned by this company have original and new parts. So, if the phone comes with a damaged or worn item from the factory, they are replaced with others in better condition so that your cell phone can last many years with you. Next, you will be told the parts to bring the iPhone 7:

  • A reconditioned screen that is super resistant to shocks and drops you may have. It has high brightness and a higher color resolution, thanks to the Wide Color P3, which will allow you to handle multimedia content very easily.

This turns on by itself just by placing the phone in a vertical position so, without having to press any of the buttons, you can have access to all notifications, a camera, and widgets.

  • Contains an A10 Fusion chip, a touch-sensitive button with 2GB of RAM, which gives you access to greater fluidity, and a greatly improved 12M camera.

You can choose between the colors: jet black, black, red, pink, silver and gold. Also, you have the option of choosing between a 32GB or 128GB iPhone 7. Its surface is flat and highly scratch resistant. At the same time, it can also resist water, and includes a Touch ID, which is a fingerprint sensor.

You already know that you have a huge chance of having an iPhone 7 reconditioned by this company and that it will have nothing to envy the new one. Find your economy and choose to buy your phone.