You already have the iPhone X of your dreams at Gorilla phones website Queenstown

Do you want to get a new smartphone, but your salary is not enough to afford one of the best brands? Exhausted to continue having that cell phone that is not very functional for what you want? We have something that will be of great help to you: the refurbished phones from Gorilla phones. "What is that?", You ask, because we will clarify your doubts. is one of the most popular companies in South Africa and has a great reputation for selling cell phones of all kinds on the market at very low costs. If you are in the city of Queenstown, you can access one of the branches without a problem.

The brands they work with range from the oldest mobiles to the most up-to-date ones, such as the Apple brand. Then you will ask yourself how they can sell cell phones of those brands at such low prices.

This is because these devices are reconditioned, that is, they are brought to the factory with little use, and the company, through a highly specialized work team, arrange these in such a way that you will not even realize that they are not brand new phones.

They change all the obsolete parts and leave them as if they were packaged, 100% functional, and with great aesthetics. Similarly, if you have a problem with your mobile that has come from the company, you have the opportunity to return it within 14 business days and request a refund. Also, in case it has a fault, you can return it within 30 business days and request, in the same way, a refund or a new phone. That way, you will be protected in case any situation arises.

Most people know that the iPhone X is one of the most cutting-edge right now; however, not everyone can get it due to its high cost. Therefore, at, we allow you to have the same cell phone at a much lower cost and of the same quality. When referring to a remanufactured Apple phone, it means that it is a device that has no differences with the new unit, only the parts that may be worn are replaced.

This preserves the elements, such as the battery, the case, and the screen, which are original. In addition to this, they go through the company's remanufacturing centers again, so they are double-checked and tested to confirm that they are in excellent condition and use. What benefits you as a customer is to get the product at a lower price than the one directly from the Apple Company.

Features of the Great Refurbished iPhone X

This type of phone is identified by having particular characteristics that make different users prefer it over other types. Next, you will be told about these factors:

  • It has an ion-x screen that is shockproof and also has an oleophobic surface that is scratch-proof. It has an OLED technology screen that consumes much less energy and achieves a striking image either in video or photo, with high contrast and brightness. The so-called start button disappears from the front, but just by tapping the screen, you can activate it.
  • It has a 5.8-inch screen that occupies the entire front of the device. On the other hand, it includes a Face ID sensor for facial unlocking, with 3D recognition, a resolution of 2436x1125 pixels. It has 458 PPI densities, A11 Bionic processor that is water and dust resistant, a 12 MP camera, and cordless charging.