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We present to you the most popular retail company in South Africa right now: Gorilla phones; if you live there like in the Uitenhage area, maybe you have already heard of this company, but you have not dared to go find out.

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The new technology that is rumbling in the market

This Apple device has various qualities that make it very popular among the various ranges of phones out there and, which has tried to maintain so that you get a great experience when using this device. The iPhone 6 Plus has an A9 chip that has a large RAM and a cache with a 64-bit structure to give better results.

Similarly, this device allows you to include microSD memories so that you can continue to increase its storage capacity, which can be: 16 GB, 32 GB, 64 GB, or 128 GB additional. On the other hand, the capture of images is amazing and can be done by the spectacular iSight camera, which has a resolution of 12 MP and can be seen in a great way on the 4.7-inch HD screen.

You can choose your cell phone among the striking colors offered, such as space gray, gold, pink, and silver. At the time of finalizing the sale, this device is added with headphones and certifications (like all other devices) that say that the mobile is in excellent condition and, at the same time, confirming that it has not been opened by any another person, so it is delivered to you in its original box that is well sealed.

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