Apple Iphone South Africa

For those seeking excellent quality at a low cost, the Gorilla iPhone S A Company has been established as the largest distributor of apple iphones south africa in the area. The characteristics and conditions of each device are unsurpassed, having a wide variety of models from the prestigious Apple brand with its lines iphone 6, iphone 7+, iphone 8, iphone SE and iphone X.

But it also has a wide range of phones that are not so modern, for the more conservative people who want an old device. As you can see, the company provides multiple alternatives to everyone who needs a cheap, guaranteed, and operational iPhone.

Each phone has particularities that make them unique, the aspects related to the zoom of the cameras offer a 2x optical or 10 x digital focuses to capture sharp images. The speed of the operating system gives the user greater capacity to send and receive information.

The highly qualified personnel who provide their service in Gorilla Phones S A are made up of engineers, technicians, and professionals in the area with proven experience committed to the goal of restoring and leaving each mobile phone as if it were new. This is accomplished by testing, unlocking, clearing up previous data and information, and thoroughly reviewing any issues you may encounter.

When purchasing a second-hand Apple iPhone, it includes a 6-month warranty certificate, Grade A, and CPO certification, validating that the entire system is suitable for immediate use. Likewise, it comes with all the accessories necessary for its correct operation such as headphones and chargers.

Besides, each of the mobiles is presented in original boxes and completely sealed, indicating that it has been packed at the factory. One of the great advantages that the customer has is that the device is completely released and unlocked, so you can use it with the operator of your choice and without having to make any kind of contract.

Once purchased, it can be used without problems, since it will have an Apple iPhone with updated software, with the assurance that it has never been opened or sealed before. You will be ready to communicate with your family and friends immediately.

The memory capacity ranges from 16 GB to 256 GB, with A9 and A10 chips that have a 64-bit architecture. The Retina HD and LCD screens provide excellent content viewing as well as featuring different measurements of 4.7 inches, 5.5 inches, and 7 inches.

Some models come with a 7 MP front lens and state-of-the-art cameras. The sound is more powerful thanks to the incorporation of ingenious speakers. Inductive charging can be done wirelessly, which is a great advantage in terms of practicality. The operating speed has been increased by the A11 processor.

Stocks in the warehouse are constantly renewed, as new telephones often arrive, so if the device that the customer requests is not in the inventory, the purchasing team is happy to locate it.

For more information, go to, call +27679949885 or email, the physical store is located at 48 Waterbrok Street, Pretoria West, Guetang, 0183, South Africa, where you can appreciate each of the devices and clear any doubts about it.

Do not miss this opportunity and buy the most complete phone that will welcome you to the digital age.