CPO Iphone X

Sometimes a phone that has been used by someone else does not represent a good buying option for a customer looking for quality, efficiency, and an excellent device. Now it can be said that in South Africa there is a solution to this kind of uncertainty.

Thanks to the work of a team of professionals, technicians, and engineers, Gorilla Phones S A has been able to position itself in one of the highest levels of reliability as the largest distributor of refurbished mobile phones in the country.

These workers receive second-hand phones daily, taking care of checking them thoroughly to unlock them and leave them as if they were new equipment. To achieve this, they update the software, remove any keys, and use special agents to clean the unit and the electrical contacts, leaving it in perfect condition.

It is worth mentioning that the company's staff has a vast experience that exceeds 20 years in the industry, which can guarantee the high quality of the results. By releasing the iphones, the customer is given the possibility of using the operator of their choice.

Likewise, there is an option for the user to activate the mobile when buying it and have it operational immediately, without having to contract with the company. The procedure for the purchase is completely simple and safe, through PayGate and PayFast with Visa and MasterCard.

Among the advantages offered by the company is the delivery of equipment in perfect external and internal conditions, with headphones, chargers, and packed in the original box. Also, the phone has factory settings and the corresponding certifications that ensure total reliability.

The cpo iphone X certification confirms that the device is suitable for use. It also comes with a Grade A certificate that is given to all used phones. Among other guarantees, it has the guarantee of use that covers 6 months.

The iphones offered by the company are backed by the Apple and Samsung brand, highlighting the iphone 6, 6S, 7, 7+, 8, and the most advanced models such as the iphone X and SE. However, if the customer requires an older phone or one that does not appear in the offer catalog, the user support team will be able to locate it in record time.

One of the most notable features of the iphone X is the super 5.8-inch Retina HD screen, for further expansion of content. As for the camera, it has a significant advance, since it has the quality of being a 12 MP double lens.

It has a large internal storage capacity to store photos, videos, and a lot of content with available memory of 64 GB or 256 GB, depending on customer preference. The model comes only in two colors, silver and space gray.

The low prices, the ease of payment, and the almost immediate delivery of the equipment in a minimum of 3 working days are several of the advantages that Gorilla Phones S A offers to its wide clientele.

Enter gorillaphones.co.za and see all the variety in technology. There you will find important information related to the delivery process, which takes approximately 3 working days depending on the city and has no additional cost, so you can purchase from the comfort of your home.

Also, you can see other models available with more advanced features and diversity of designs and colors, so you will have a wide variety to choose the phone you've always dreamed of.